My disaffected desire

Meets your disembodied voice on the line,

Dizzy trepidation mingling with excitement

With every shared sentence;

And my conviction is for time alone with you

My shackles are for picking up my phone

And dialing your digits and breathing your name,

Bars on my cellphone becoming time behind bars

For violating the conditions of my parole.

The call was not toll-free

And neither are we,

Our love strung across long distance

Like an electrical wire stretching from pole to pole,

Charged and leaning into its own fragility

Desperate to connect current from one point to the next.

I find myself lost in the system

Shuffled through circuitry,

Struggling to decipher meaning from

The popping and crackling of

Circular conversations along the way.  

Phantoms of longing linger in the static,

Pain amplified like a radio wave, 

As I lie awake in my cellular bed,

Wondering if I’ll ever recover.

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