The Waterfall and the Televsion Set [A Conceit]

Do you swallow a

flood when you are

caught midway in a

Netflix binge?

Does the late-night static

of your blue-lit screen

roar in your ears like

a deafening wave?

Can you feel your

knees buckling under the

weight of your sedentary


Is your televsion set

a waterfall?

Do the images rush

towards you from

the LCD, like rivers begging

to be released?

Can you feel yourself

settling into the sofa

like a stone that sinks

beneath a pond?

Maybe the effects of

your nocturnal soak linger

like an afterburn etched

into plastic.

Maybe you are left

speechless before a scene

that hisses and sings

with gusto.

Picturesque, isn’t it?

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